Instagram Shadowban Clarification and Free Shadowban Checker

Instagram shadowban clarification and free shadowban checker

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I did a full rebranding at the beginning of this year and decided to start a new Instagram account with the new branding in focus, and it has been quite a ride. 

Recently there has been a lot of confusion around the Instagram shadowban what is it, why it has come about, and what we should, and should not be doing, but the most important question here is have you been affected by it?

So, what is an Instagram shadowban?

An Instagram shadowban is when your hashtags become 'undiscoverable', what does this mean, when you use your hashtags you will only show up in the hashtag feeds of your current followers, so basically your images won't show up in the feeds of anyone who doesn't follow you which will reduce the visibility of your account and make it much harder to reach a new audience. 

How do you know you've been affected? 

Most people affected by the Shadowban have reported a reduction in likes and comments on their images when taking a deeper look they noticed that the likes and comments are from people that are already followers.

What can you do that will give you a clear indication that you have been shadowbanned? 

1.  You can ask a friend to unfollow your account and look for your image in the hashtag feed of the hashtag that you have chosen for that              image, your image will NOT show up if you have been shadowbanned. 
2.  You can follow this link HERE to a free Shadowban tool that will tell you if your image or account has been shadowbanned.

What causes a shadowban on Instagram 

1.  Using bots, automated services and buying followers. 
2.  Using the same hashtags for months on end. 
3.  When you act like a bot with loads of unusual activity
4.  When you use a banned hashtag

So what do I do if you've been shadowbanned? 

1.  Lie low for a while preferably 24 to 48 hours
2.  Check your hashtags before you post to make sure none of them have been banned, if you find a post that has been shadowbanned,                  remove all the hashtags you posted under the image because they will all be affected and add in the safe hashtags that you have                      researched, your image should then show up under the hashtags that you have chosen. 
3.  Stop using automated services or bots. 

So in conclusion basically Instagram is trying to figure out if you're a bot or not and keep the platform safe and undesirable for spammers, so be aware of your activity on Instagram how many people you like or how many people you dislike at once.  Use fresh hashtags and research them before you use them and if you are suspicious that you have been shadowbanned check the free tool HERE.

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