The Value of Hiring a Personal Stylist. 

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After many years of working as a Personal Stylist, I am always bewildered when someone asks me what the value is in hiring a Personal Stylist, but, I understand that it basically comes down to - what you don't know, you don't know.

In business or life, if there is something that we do not know how to do we turn to a skilled professional to help us.  In just the same way as these professionals have studied their particular profession so too has a Personal Stylist spent many years studying and implementing their knowledge.  As a personal stylist or Image Consultant, the main thing to remember is that it's Personal, which means like a doctor considers each patient as an individual and so applies his diagnosis so a Personal Stylist will do the same.  

To give you more insight with regards to what goes on in the mind of a Personal Stylist when we meet and consult with a client, I have listed just a few things that a Personal Stylist is required to know and utilises when doing a consultation, keeping in mind that these are qualified professionals that have been certified and have been running their businesses for a few years.  If you want to know more about what to look for when choosing a personal stylist I have written about it HERE. (Things to consider when Hiring a Personal Stylist).

What a personal stylist is required to know - the basics...


- how many horizontal body shapes are there
- how many vertical body shapes are there
- what are the 10 things to consider that make each body shape totally unique
- which particular styles of clothing suit each body shape
- how to enhance the best part of the body for each unique client and how to detract from the not so favourable areas. 
- with regards to accessories such as bags, belts and shoes, at which length should each body shape carry their bags, which style of bag best       suits each body shape, where should  each body shape wear their belt and how wide should the belt be for each body shape.  Which                 particular shoes suit each body shape, what effect certain shoes have on body shape and how shoes can be used to enhance each body           shape.


- how many face shapes are there, 
- why is it important to know a client's face shape
- what to consider when defining a person's face shape, 
- how to apply makeup for each face shape. 
- what each face shape should and should not wear with regards to sunglasses/spectacles, accessories/earrings/necklaces and hairstyles


- how many skin tones are there, 
- how does colour affect each skin tone and why is this important. 
- how does contrast effect each skin tone, 
- how does the colour of our skin tone effect the jewellery we wear
- which colours are best suited to each skin tone, 
- how much contrast each skin tone can handle and how to use colour to emphasise or detract from certain parts of the body. 
- what are the correct makeup colours for each skin tone
- what is the correct hair colour for each skin tone and how dark or light can they go
- how does colour affect those around you and which colours you should wear for different occasions 


- how can fabric and pattern affect the look of clothing on a person
- which fabrics and patterns are used to enhance areas or detract from unfavourable areas
- how do stripes affect body shape
- which fabric and patterns suit each style personality
- how does the make up of the fabric effect a client with regards to Lifestyle and health benefits for example cotton is a breathable fabric,             therefore, a person with a tendency to sweat a lot would preferably stick to cotton. 


- how many style personalities are there, 
- what defines a particular style personality, 
- how is knowing your style personality beneficial, 
- how do you help your client choose or define their particular style personality
- which stores to shop from according to each client style personality 


- what is your client's Lifestyle
- why do we need to know about the client's Lifestyle
- why does your client's Lifestyle affect the clothing you choose for them
- how you should build your client's wardrobe according to their lifestyle
- which stores to shop from according to each client's Lifestyle

As you can see it's quite a skill to master and requires years of practice and experince, a good understanding of Style, and your client (not just physically but also mentally) and a genuine love for what you do.

Personal styling at the end of the day is about giving the individual the tools to understand themselves. It is not about putting you in a box but it is, a blueprint that helps you distinguish what makes you unique, a basic understanding of our body shape, skin tone, style personality and lifestyle, puts us in control of our own style and how we want to be perceived.

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Thank you for visiting The Imagepreneur, my name is Darlene Bayley I am a qualified Image Consultant/Personal stylist and Style Expert and I have been in the Fashion industry for over 23 years.