Safe Winter trends to try this season

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Every season there is a barrage of “new trends” to follow. Anna Wintour once said, “I don’t really follow market research. In the end, I respond to my own instincts.” This is a fantastic approach when looking at trends. Trends are just that – “trendy” which means they will be gone in a few seasons, so have fun with them and explore a few but don’t build your entire wardrobe around them. There are ways to incorporate trends that will help you look modern but that won’t leave you with nothing to wear when the trend is over.

The way to tackle trends successfully is to choose only those that fit in with your body shape, style personality, your lifestyle and your colouring. Not every trend will be for everyone. If you are a creative dresser then some of the bolder trends will appeal to you, while if your style is more classic or elegant you will tend to gravitate towards the more conservative trends.

Below are some of our favourite trends that have us excited to get dressed this Winter!

  1. Animal print is still a huge trend, especially for your feet. If leopard or cheetah is a bit too bold for you, snakeskin ankle boots or high-heeled mules are a perfect option for someone who loves the animal-print trend but still wants to look elegant. Because snakeskin is more muted and less “showy” it almost serves as a neutral that will give an edgy sophistication to a classic outfit. For those of you who love the bolder animal prints like zebra and leopard, just remember to pair the “wildness” with classic, simple pieces so as not to look too jungle themed. For some ‘Wild at Heart” inspiration click HERE.

  2. Monochromatic looks are very in – think head-to-toe outfits of Winter whites, smoky greys and cool beiges. Whether you stick to one colour all over or mix several hues and tones of a colour together, this is a gorgeous trend to adopt when you want to look chic and put together. You can also have some fun with this trend and go for a monochromatic look in an unexpected colour like lilac or blush. It still looks elegant but has a fun, youthful twist. For some “Style in monochrome” click HERE

  3. Although paisley and floral prints are always popular in summer, they have been a big winner for winter. The more intricate and detailed, the better! This is a great look to go for if you don’t like wearing accessories as the busy print becomes the focal point so you don’t need to add anything else to achieve a polished look. Choose a print size that fits in with your bone structure also make sure the print is made up predominantly of colours in your colour range.  For some “paisley and floral fashion” click HERE.

  4. Mixing textures is a big one this season – think pairing oversize knits and blazers with satin skirts and silk tops. This trend is super stylish and fun to put together as it allows you to create interest in your outfit just by playing with fabrics and textures. The secret to mixing textures and still looking sleek is to use similar colours for each item.  A satin skirt, chunky knit and a structured coat would all look gorgeous together in complementary tones even though the fabric is all so different.  To “play with textures” click HERE for inspiration.

  5. Belts are still around, and they are no longer being used to hold up your high-rise jeans, but you can use them to cinch in your waist when you wear your blazer or coat. Adding a belt that doesn’t match your jacket perfectly is a perfect way to add your personal style stamp on an outfit while also helping you create that enviable hourglass figure. Remember to keep in mind your torso length when trying this trend out – longer-torso ladies can have thicker belts while if you have a slightly shorter torso you will need something slimmer. ‘Beautiful belts’ inspiration HERE.

If there is a crazy trend you like but you are not sure about how it fits in with your style, rather incorporate it into your wardrobe using an accent piece to try it out first. If you love the neon green trend that Vogue called “Winter’s hottest trend” and it suits your colouring, then buy a scarf with neon in as opposed to a jacket or pants. If it doesn’t fit in with your colours but you still love the idea of a bright green hue then tie that scarf onto your handbag. Not only does it have the bonus of giving an old handbag a new look but it allows you to still enjoy the trend.

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