Why you should dress with your Body Shape in Mind, Hourglass

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THE HOURGLASS (free Body Shape Download)

Dressing your body shape is part and parcel of accessing the tools that will make you look good on the outside which in the end affects how we feel on the inside, but it is important that there is a balance of self-love on the inside as well as the outside.  Following the guidelines will help you look fantastic but its just as important to embrace your shape and love who you are from the inside out.

The Hourglass body shape is classified as, 'perfectly proportioned' (perfect triangle at the top and bottom).

This body shape has a perfectly balanced upper, and lower body.  The only limitations to this body shape will come from other factors such as weight, prominent features, age, and shoulder line etc.  Weight gain for the Hourglass is mostly unapparent as it is spread evenly over the entire body and the waist stay moderately small.

Here is the basic breakdown of the Hourglass

  • Perfectly Proportioned
  • Balanced upper and lower body
  • Well defined waist
  • Waist usually 15 to 20cm smaller that bust and thighs
body shape, hourglass, proportion, personal stylist Johannesburg, personal stylist Cape Town


  • Wear garments that shape your waist
  • Soft fabrics that fall fluidly all over the body
  • Emphasis on your curves using clean lines
  • Straight slightly flared pants and skirts
  • Dresses that emphasise your waist


  • Stiff fabrics
  • Too many frills and too much detail
  • Baggy unflattering Styles
  • Skirts with open pleats
  • Very tapered pants

It's important to embrace our body shapes, knowing more about our body and your style will definitely make dressing a lot easier in the mornings, not to mention shopping for your clothing.  

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Do you know that you can eat and exercise specifically for your body shape, let me know if this is of interest you in the comments below and I will expand on them in the  TI blog.

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