How to put together a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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Winter capsule wardrobe


A quick summary is that it is a wardrobe you update seasonally with a few key basics that basically all work well together for a detailed explanation, see our post from last week HERE.

Although everyone has a different number of items that they feel comfortable working with, in this article we are going to discuss the minimum basics that you need in your Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

I believe Winter is the season you can have the most fun with fashion wise in terms of your capsule wardrobe. You can play with layering and experiment with so many textures – wool, tweed, cashmere and leather etc. In summer you want to stick with lightweight fabrics, but winter is all about those luxurious, heavy knits and fabrics.

Before you create your winter wardrobe, always first assess what you currently have.

  • Are any pieces looking worn or old?

  • Do any pieces have holes in them?

  • Is there something that really needs updating?

  • Do you need more basics that work together?

Is there something in your wardrobe that you are excited to wear and that you know looks good on you? These items you are excited to wear or look good on you are the perfect “starting” items to work the rest of your capsule wardrobe around.

The next step would be to:

Pull out the pieces you love and want to wear and see if they work together and what other items you need in order to create full outfits – make sure you also include shoes, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and handbags in creating your looks as they will help you change up your outfits and add different elements.

Once you have gone through your wardrobe and identified what you have and what you need, the next step is to

  • Go shopping.

  • Look around at stores and see what is out there; what are the colours for the season,

Are there any new trends that you are excited about? If there is a trend that you like, before you invest in it make sure it is something that would fit well with your style personality, your body shape, your lifestyle and your colouring.

Remember, if you choose pieces that are very on trend, you may only be able to wear them for a season or two before the trend passes and you have to replace them. I would suggest investing in some timeless classics for higher value items and experimenting with trends for the smaller pieces and adding a few new accessories.

As you shop, picture the pieces in your wardrobe or take pictures of the items with your mobile device so you have them on hand on and only pick clothes that will complement and work well with those items.

For a basic Winter capsule wardrobe there are 18 items that you need:

  •       2 Coats

  •         2 Jackets

  •         2 Jerseys

  •         1 Dress

  •         1 Skirt

  •         1 Blouse

  •         1 Button Shirt

  •         1 T-shirt

  •         1 Pair of Jeans

  •         1 Pair of Trousers

  •         1 Pair of boots

  •         1 Pair of sneakers.

  •         1 scarf

  •         1 pair of sunglasses

  •         1 Handbag

To ensure a successful capsule wardrobe you have to follow some rules:

  1. All items must have the same undertone – warm or cool depending on what is more flattering for your skin tone. Your skin tone can be established through a ‘Colour Analysis’ you can find out more about the ‘Colour Analysis HERE

  2. Some items should have a pattern or fur or something of interest to add an extra element to your outfit. Knowing your ‘Style Personality’ will help when choosing the type of detail along with the pattern that will suit your preference, you can read more about ‘Style Personality’ HERE and take our online quiz to determine exactly what you are.

  3. Before adding an item to your capsule wardrobe make sure it matches at least 1 other item from each category – bottom, top, jersey, jacket, shoes etc.


Capsule Wardrobe Warm. png


Capsule Wardrobe Cool. png

If you have never created a capsule wardrobe before, we hope this article inspires you to try it out.

If however finding the time to put together your capsule wardrobe eludes you, we work towards making you look and feel effortlessly stylish every day so for a no fuss easy approach to a capsule wardrobe where:

  • The outfits are put together for you

  • Every month you receive more suggestions of how you can mix and match your capsule

  • With 30 days of outfits to choose from starting the basic capsule in full colour pictures.

  • New items added gradually

  • Special handpicked items added seasonally

We have added the wardrobe detox with Look book to our services so If this sounds like a dream come true you can find out more HERE.

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