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Looking after your skin and finding the right skincare and homecare routine for your particular skin requirements and age can be quite daunting and a very expensive and disastrous mistake to make should you be assessed incorrectly by an unqualified professional and use the incorrect products for your skin. This is why choosing the right Esthetician to assist you on your journey, is crucial, enter ‘Personalised Skincare’



An Esthetician is a licensed skin care professional that has gone through a specified number of hours of training. They have trained for at least 2-3 years. The simple definition: Estheticians, sometimes known as facialists, are experts in skin and skin care.

There are different levels of certification, but Estheticians are prepared for a career where she/he is an expert in skin physiology, microbiology, intimate knowledge of the muscles, bones, nerves and other systems of the face, neck and shoulders, and even the entire body if they are to perform body treatments.

In order for an Esthetician to achieve a license, they have to pass several practical and theoretical evaluations on natiotional and international levels.This includes both written and practical evaluations, which are assessed by a certified international evaluator.

They are taught how to use new and traditional technologies and methods in conjunction with skin care. Estheticians have in-depth knowledge of product lines and their formulas and ingredients.


“An Esthetician is literally a personal trainer for your skin.”



Estheticians perform Facials, Body Treatments, Rejuvenation Therapies, Chemical Peels, Microneedling, and so much more.

 "What does an Esthetician do? An Esthetician is literally a personal trainer for your skin. With her skill and expertise, she assesses your skin, listens to your concerns and works with you one-on-one to craft a program that involves professional treatments and at home care– to help you achieve both your short term and long term goals.”

An Esthetician is essential in your journey to good skin, but at the end of the day, you have a huge role to play in the success of your treatments. To continue the results you see in the treatment room, you need to follow your Esthetician's customized skin care routine.

They know your skin well and will monitor your skin's progress over time and make adjustments when needed.

Estheticians can be skin care retailers as well, but not all retailers are Estheticians. A skin care retailer requires no license to sell their product or apply product to the skin. They may receive a training program by the retailer they work for, but this can include training by other retailers and managers that are also not licensed. They are not always required to know anything about the face, the skin, how it works or the body so choose an Esthetician over a retailer for professional skin care advice.



  1. They ask lots of questions before you start with your treatment. The will ask you questions like - do you have any allergies? Medications you use? Believe it or not, medication and supplements do have certain effects on your skin. What products you are currently using and lots more. She should always ask you about your skin concerns on that day – after all, that's why you've booked an appointment.

  2. A good Esthetician looks for clues and ask specific questions as to what your skin needs. Almost like a skin investigator. There is no such thing as one facial treatment works for all. Each treatment should be tailored according to your skin’s needs.

  3. Each treatment is skin specific. Different active ingredients are used and blend together to tailor your treatment

  4. Their treatment room is spotless and clean.

  5. They should make you smarter. A good Esthetician should be knowledgeable and should be well educated on ingredients, latest treatments and research in skincare. She should be able to answer your questions and help you find the best possible solution for your skin.

  6. A good Esthetician should explain the treatment to you. The pro’s and con’s as well as what to expect and the downtime of a treatment. As well as how to prepare for your treatment.

  7. A good Esthetician should have your best interest at heart.

In this day an age with all the pollution in our air and water it is becoming even more important to take care of your skin and just like we see a dentist for out teeth, we should see a Esthetician for our skin.

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