Why Knowing Your Style Personality is Important

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Your style personality is an extension of who you are.  There are many things that determine your style personality some true to you and others more of an external influence whether you know about it or not.  Our style is often influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, friends, husbands business colleagues it can also be influenced by opinions of others positive or negative. 

Style Personality is often overlooked by a lot of women because they have the body shape to wear and follow each trend.  The problem here is that if the trend is not part of your style personality there is a good chance you will feel awkward or uncomfortable and not be able to pull off the look as smoothly as maybe someone with a Style Personality that fits the trend.  Let me explain further.

As an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist, there are four main categories or style elements we take into consideration these being your Body Shape, Skin Tone,  Style Personality, and Lifestyle, all important if you want to look and feel your best.

Your Body Shape will determine the styles that you can wear to flatter your body same goes for your Skin Tone, your true colours can make you look 10 years younger but the wrong colours can age you overnight.  If you wear the wrong styles for your personality you could risk looking awkward, submissive and self-aware and the reason behind this - you are trying to be someone you are not. 

As a guideline to help you find the Style Personality you lean towards seven Style Expressions have been identified.  

They are:

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