Why Knowing Your Style Personality is Important Sexy

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This Style personality taken to the extreme is all about the Allure - seductive, glamorous and daring, tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.  Almost every Style Personality will dress for their occupation, this is no different for the Sexy Style Personality.  Unfortunately, due to obvious reasons, this Style personality can be quite irritating to other women due to their unapologetic approach to flaunting their 'assets'.


Entertainers / Fitness instructors (entertainment ) / Certain Brand representatives / Models / Nightclub hostess


Sexually attractive / Provocative / Seductive / Desirable / Alluring / Inviting / Sensual / Sultry / Tantalising / Tempting



Clingy fabrics / Low cut / Animal prints / waist emphasis / form fitting / body hugging / elasticated fabrics


Wild / Partially covering face / All colours but mostly pronounced


Shiny / Sparkling / Overdone - will wear multiple bracelets or earrings etc / very high heels - platforms / strappy or open shoes


The sexy look is all about Allure.  Bouncy hairstyles long length, a pronounced colour often with soft curls.  Clothing is tight fitting with an emphasis on certain areas eg low cut tops or high hemlines.  Platform shoes are often preferred and strappy or open.  Makeup will be dramatic around the eye, and mouth will have a moist and wet look.

Knowing your style personality often helps you to see how the world sees you and what effect you may have on the people around you.  This is an effective way to turn up certain traits or tone down others depending on your desired outcome.  We all have our own style and I believe it is important to be who you are but also know what role you need to take on or dress for to become who you want to be.

Remember this is a guideline to help you focus on your style and build a wardrobe that you will wear.  You may also have a combination of the Style Personalities (1 or 2) the better you know yourself the easier it is to shop.

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