Why You Should Dress With Your Body Shape In Mind Apple


Dressing your body shape is part and parcel of accessing the tools that will make you look good on the outside which in the end affects how we feel on the inside, but it is essential that there is a balance of self-love on the inside as well as the outside.  Following the guidelines will help you look fantastic but it's just as important to embrace your shape and love who you are from the inside out.

The Apple Body Shape carry excess weight and is very similar to the Oval Body Shape, however, there are a few differences to take into account.

Her waist is undefined and has a large HIGH stomach and a tendency to have "love handles". The Hips are broad and the upper thighs generous.  this woman may also have a large flat derriere.  The Apple is often the result of a Rectangle or Inverted Triangle that has put on weight.

An Apple Body Shape will be given when the Size of garments for the Body Shape is from a 00 or 000 in weight, their waistline is larger than their bustline or hipline and has either a large stomach and/or large midriff.

The aim with this Body Shape is visually elongate the body to create an inverted triangle shape by pulling the attention towards the head and shoulders or legs.

Let's take a look at the basic breakdown of the Apple

  • An unidentified waist
  • Waistline larger than bustline or hips
  • Large high Stomach with a tendency to have love handles
Body Shapes the Apple


  • Low necklines
  • Tops and blouses to be worn out over pants or skirts
  • Monochromatic and one coloured outfits
  • Semi-fitted, boxy and soft silhouettes
  • Vertical Design influence from the top to bottom


  • Pleats
  • High necklines
  • Over embellishment
  • Waist emphasis
  • Bias cut

Although the Oval and Diamond shape may look similar their main difference is the situation of the Stomach - Oval is situated LOW and Diamond is situated HIGH.  Which does change a few of the options.  Also, keep in mind that once this Body Shape loses a certain amount of weight it can be categorised as another shape.

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Do you know that you can eat and exercise specifically for your body shape, let me know if this is of interest you in the comments below and I will expand on them in the TI blog.

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