Why You Should Dress With Your Body Shape In Mind

Why You Should Dress With Your Body Shape In Mind

This can be quite a controversial topic at times, many woman don't like being referred to as an apple, pear or any other fruit for that matter but it should be made clear that these shapes are referred to for visual purposes alone.  Dressing your body is all about illusion and balance, so knowing which body shape you were born with helps to form this foundation almost like a skeleton or blue print.  There are actually two different variations in body shape namely 'Vertical' and 'Horizontal' we will be working on your 'Horizontal' body shape in this series.

When referring to Horizontal Body Shapes, I am a Triangle/Pear this is one of the most common body shapes and often the hardest to dress, but we will explore each body shape in the blogs to come.  There are 6 different (Horizontal) body shapes namely;

Body shape is just one of the elements a Personal Stylist will work with when doing a consultation we also take into consideration your skin tone, and style personality which respectively are just as important but for today we are concentrating on body shape.

In the next few blogs I will go into each body shape in detail and you will be able to download your body shape profile that you can keep in your handbag which will help you when you go about your shopping with a little more ease.


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