Why you should dress with your Body Shape in mind, Vase/Inverted Triangle

THE INVERTED TRIANGLE/VASE (free Body Shape download)

Body shape, inverted triangle,vase

Dressing your body shape is part and parcel of accessing the tools that will make you look good on the outside which in the end affects how we feel on the inside, but it is important that there is a balance of self-love on the inside as well as the outside.  Following the guidelines will help you look fantastic but it's just as important to embrace your shape and love who you are from the inside out.

The Inverted Triangle is heavy on her upper body.  Her bust is proportionately larger than her narrow hips.  If this body shape has a large bust she can feel rather short waisted.  This body shape also has a flat derriere in most cases.

The Inverted Triangle Body shape does, however, have some amazing assets such as a small waist, hips, and thighs along with shapely legs.

As with all the other body shapes the secret is, balance.  The woman with this body shape feels extremely large on top and is often referred to as a Lollipop shape and seems very much unbalanced.  The Aim here is to enhance the bottom part of this body shape so that it will draw more attention there and look more balanced in proportion to the top.

Let's take a look at the basic breakdown of the Inverted Triangle.

  • Large bust and proportionately narrow hips
  • Flat Derriere is quite common in this shape
  • Small waist, hips, and thighs
  • Usually shapely legs
body shape, inverted triangle, vase


  • Horizontal lines above the waist
  • Vertical lines below the waist
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Flared pants
  • A-line skirts
  • Dresses that flow through the waist


  • Stiff fabrics
  • Emphasising the waist
  • Big Collars
  • Full sleeves

Every woman's body shape is unique it is important to remember that the 6 body shapes I describe are blueprints and a base or guideline to your shape.  This is often why visiting a Personal Stylist is the best option, as she will determine your underlying shape, but also be able to assess your body for your unique features by measuring your body and taking into consideration proportion and other aspects.  It takes a trained eye to alter the rules for your shape, you need to know the rules for every body shape Vertical and Horizontal to know when this is appropriate or not.

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Do you know that you can eat and exercise specifically for your body shape, let me know if this is of interest you in the comments below and I will expand on them in the  TI blog.

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