Review of Avon's 'Today' Tomorrow Always

Gragrance Review

Previously I reviewed Avon's Little Black Dress, this week I will be sharing 'Today' from  Avon's Today Tomorrow Always collection.

Avon's 'Today ' is a floral blend of hibiscus, silk musk & butterfly blossoms.  The composition, refreshing notes of Freesia and Cactus Sap, while the note of white pepper ads some strength. Base notes include Sandalwood, cedar and velvety musks notes with a splash of Rosewater.

From the 1st time I experienced this beautiful blend of fragrances, I knew that this was going to be my favorite.  

I love the presentation, the bottle is substantially heavy, looks as luxurious as it smells and holds its own on my vanity with my other fragrances.  The 'Today' fragrance from the Today Tomorrow Always collection has a distinct fragrance of its own it lasts the whole day, it's not an overpowering perfume but definitely, one you won't forget, in fact, I have had multiple compliments from men and women alike while wearing it.  It can be easily worn during the day for any occasion and at night, but I would say for romantic evenings such as date night.

It's an elegant almost mysterious perfume that subtly invokes your attention.  I have purchased many High-end expensive perfumes and can definitely say that this perfume with its moderate pricing is an exceptional find and one worth adding to your collection.

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