Review of Avon's Little Black Dress

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On the blog today I am reviewing 'The Little Black Dress' from Avon.

Avon's Little Black Dress is a timeless classic of sparkling honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk, Notes - Oriental, floral.

Before we go further if choosing a perfume/fragrance overwhelms you then this is for you.  I recently posted an article on the blog about how to choose a perfume to suit your personality you can read more about that HERE, this will give you more insight into the components of perfume and practical ways to find 'your' fragrance/s.

I have been using 'The Litte Black Dress' for a week now, first impression, the unboxing, it is well presented in a quality glass bottle and shows off its personality perfectly.  The scent, at first without spraying onto my skin it smelt soft and subdued but after applying it the warmth of my skin diffused the floral notes to make way for a deeper oriental scent that gives this fragrance a strength to it, it's feminine but at the same time a little flirtatious.

This is definitely a perfume I would recommend for an event, possibly an occasion that phases from day into night like a wedding or a cocktail party, but keep in mind that jasmine is an aphrodisiac according to 'Pshycho Aromatherapy' so be prepared to attract attention.

In conclusion, it's a beautiful bottle to display on your vanity and if you find yourself wanting the best of both worlds when it comes to Floral or Oriental then 'Little Black Dress' is the fragrance for you.

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