Review of dr.dermals award-winning cosmeceutical range

dr.dermal is an award-winning cosmeceutical range review

I have been searching for skincare products that put their money where their mouth is and so I have taken these two products from dr.dermal and tested them out for a few weeks in the South African Winter to put it to the test. 

Who is dr.dermal?

dr.dermal is an award-winning 'cosmeceutical' (a cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties) range that was developed by a passionate team of skin care professionals to deliver pharmaceutical grade active ingredients to your skin in high concentrations to deliver noticeable results after the first use. Their professional team balances unique formulations so that while you receive the skin benefits of the active ingredients, your skin is also nourished and conditioned to dramatically improve its overall health.  They have been featured in major magazines and also won awards for their products.

dr.dermal specifically chose the two products I am about to share with you according to my skin concerns, which were; dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, under eye puffiness, and dull skin.   My goals, more elastic looking skin, bright, finer pores less sagging, no under eye puffiness.

The two products recommended were:

Dr Dermal The Imagepreneur Review


dr.dermal's complete anti-ageing plasma is an all in one skin serum, primer, blurring shield, eye serum and mattifying agent. It provides an instant lift and contains a peptide that has a 'botox-like' effect.

What's in it?
Peptides - to stimulate collagen production and DNA repair
Film formers - to provide an instant lift and have a primer effect
Polymer powder - nano-spheres that diffuse light for an instant blur effect, veiling fine lines and wrinkles
Enzymes - keratinolytic enzymes that help to dissolve the keratin plugs that cause breakouts
Hyaluronic acid - to moisturise and condition your skin

What's it for?
Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing
Problem or congested skins
Sensitive skins


The Total Rejuvenation Plasma packaging gives you a feeling of luxury, the ease of use and application is outstanding, but the surprising benefits of the modest liquid inside will have you running for your wallet.  Keeping in mind that we are in the middle of Winter in South Africa, and this usually means dry uneven dull skin, I am pleasantly surprised by the key benefits presented that you can actually see in the first few days of using this product.  My skin is definitely more even and the fine lines and wrinkles are not as visible, you can see a primer and skin tightening effect straight after use.  With regular application, I am sure this product will have a positive anti-aging effect and I am excited to add it to my beauty routine. 

Dr Dermal The Imagepreneur review


An achievement in the Retinol world. It's incredibly powerful with 5% micro-encapsulated retinol, but also has a blend of essential fatty acids, ceramides and liposomal peptides that restore and nourish your skin.

What's in it?
Microencapsulated retinol - pure retinol is encased in a shell that preserves the potency of the retinol and releases it over time making it more tolerable to your skin. Retinol is renowned for its anti-ageing abilities and potential to reduce the signs of ageing, appearance of blemishes, clearing congested skin and more.
Ceramides - essential lipids that improve your skins cellular integrity and moisture levels
Essential fatty acids - fatty acids are essential for your cell function and structure
Peptides - potent peptides that stimulate collagen production and DNA repair
Antioxidants - scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative damage

What's it for?
Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing
Problem or congested skins


MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair the packing for this product is just as well thought out as the 1st, I absolutely love the very soft clean fresh fragrance when applying this decadently rich and absorbing cream and the fact that you apply it at night adds to the whole feeling of indulgence before you lay down for your beauty sleep. The retinol did not affect my skin in any way so I used the cream every night and after starting with dr.dermal the patches of dry skin on my face have completely disappeared and my skin tone is looking even.

I wanted to also mention that I use my skincare on my hands as well and I have seen a scar on my hand on its way to disappearing completely which was a pleasant side effect.

The Total Rejuvenation Plasma retails for R675, and MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair for R895, you can shop online. Remember to use my discount code THEIMAGEPRENEUR to save 5% on all your purchases on

In conclusion, I am happy with the results thus far and I can't wait to look into more products offered by dr.dermal and did I mention that they are CRUELTY FREE, another star in my opinion.

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