Self Care the Foundation OF Confidence.

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As we come to the end of 2018 and prepare for the year ahead I have become unwavering on my journey to better self care and purposefully looking into what I want in my business but also my personal life and general well-being in 2019.

You have heard me talk about self-care on my social media platforms, going to spa’s, taking time out for mindfulness and long walks but have I mentioned the less spoken about life changing topics like regular checkups at the doctor and dental professional when not taken care of, can eventually effect your confidence, health, and well-being.  With this in mind I set myself a goal of finding a regular doctor and a dental professional that I can trust and depend on.

It just so happened that I met Jackie at a breakfast style talk I was presenting, we got to chatting and she told me how she spends her working day, coincidentally she worked for a Prosthodontist!? (Prosthodontics is the dental specialty primarily concerned with the restoration and replacement of lost or damaged teeth) and invited me to come in for a checkup. Not having a go to dental professional I was looking forward to the courtesy visit.

I received an email from Jackie confirming our appointment and a message on my phone a day before the date of appointment which was very helpful and so efficient.

As long as I can remember I did not look forward to a dentist appointment, the thought of someone I hardly know scratching around in my mouth has never been appealing. But I needed to find a dental professional I could rely on and Jackie helped curb my anxiety.

The process.

On arrival I was welcomed in and made to feel right at home. I got started with a casual chat to Dr Kaplan ( Prosthodontist) about my dental vision he listened to understand and explained how I could fulfill my goal which made me feel right at home and safe in his hands. Once I had a good idea of what was going to happen, I was then ushered into the surgery for a detailed clinical examination, he explained that “what one sees is only the tip of the iceberg and we always need to look deeper”. It was time for the x-ray machine, this took a whole of 5 minutes and Dr Kaplan had everything he needed for the full picture which was already up on a big screen TV in his surgery when I entered, he was then able to explain in detail by referring to the x-ray what he would recommend and how he could help me. The next step was to take an impression of my mouth and a few photos, which is standard procedure for every client, this was also done in a professional noninvasive way which built my trust even more - no discomfort one happy client. Once we had chatted about how to proceed I was booked in a fully informed patient and happy to proceed with treatment.

When I arrived a week later Dr Kaplan was in full business mode and ready to get started, it was a rather lengthy procedure and required focus, precision and concentration, this is where you understand the difference between a dentist and a Prosthodontist, it’s like the brain surgeon of the dental profession - a dentists dentist.

Every step of the way I was made to feel comfortable and the small touches that are regular procedures in his practice is what I believe sets Dr Kaplan apart from the rest and add to his skills as a dental professional.

To date I have honestly never felt more at ease with going to the ‘dentist’ in fact I am sure to walk out a happy customer with a new joke or two I can share.

Why did I share my story, as woman we have so many fears, and more ‘important’ things that keep us from taking care of ourselves, but sometimes taking care of ourselves is exactly what the ‘Dr ordered’. We are not robots, indestructible with interchangeable pieces so taking care of what keeps us looking great, feeling confident, healthy and well is important.  The better we take care of ourselves the better we can take care of others and sometimes its as easy as setting a goal and having a friendly conversation.

I now have a dental professional that I can rely on as well as the confidence knowing that all is well with my teeth and I won’t be going from crisis to crisis or having sleepless nights about upcoming dental procedures. Having said that, if you find yourself overwhelmed with all the options out there and you don’t know how to choose someone you can trust or feel at ease with when making this important and necessary investment in yourself, I can recommend Dr Kaplan, his website is very informative, he guides you through the process, answers all your questions and you leave with a great smile, healthy teeth and gums but most importantly confidence.

Dr Gerald B. Kaplan – Prosthodontist Office: +27 11 483-2281
Email:  Website:

I love hearing from you, if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please comment below and If you enjoyed this information and know someone who needs to hear this please share it with them by clicking on the share button below. Let me know if you have had any bad experiences and what you look for in your ideal dental professional.

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