How to be confident after weight gain

How to be confident after weight gain

We’ve all been familiar with that feeling when put on an outfit we love and it is either just a bit too snug or it’s so “snug” you start to wonder if it shrunk in the wash because you can’t quite picture how else you actually used to fit into it. Life happens and so many things can affect your body – pregnancy, your metabolism, environment, menopause, medication, stress etc.

It doesn’t feel good when something you used to wear no longer fits. But do you know what feels worse? Obsessing over it and comparing yourself to others. Not only does this not make you feel better, but it is not constructive or empowering and if you keep on repeating the same pattern of thought it will act against you in the long run.  Whether you are dealing with some slight holiday weight gain or dealing with weight that has slowly piled on over the years, I want to encourage you to look at it from another point of view:  Focus on the person you want to be and work towards her every day, ask yourself the question ‘If I was confident, how would I feel, act, dress, eat?

It is tough to lack confidence and feel self-conscious. Even if you change your mindset, the reality is that you just feel uncomfortable. So here are some practical tips to help you boost your mood and get you feeling more like the woman you want to be.


  1. Focus on what makes you beautiful. Pop in to your favorite makeup counter and let them teach you new makeup techniques to enhance your best features, It is always fun to get some new makeup that makes you feel polished and put together and having someone else pamper you is always a treat.

  2. Experiment with your hair. This can be as simple as changing how you style it – if you normally wear it straight, why not curl it or even change your parting. Just doing something a little different will take your mind off your weight. You could also do something drastic and change your cut or colour. If you feel unsure consult a Personal stylist to ensure that this is a positive change and not something you will regret. A Personal Stylist will be able to advise you on the right colour, tone and haircut that will flatter your skin tone and face shape.  

  3. Buy one or two items that fit you perfectly now, don’t wait until ‘you have lost the weight’ When we put on weight, our first inclination is usually to go out and buy something that hides our figure because we feel self conscious. We hope that if we get something shapeless it will disguise our fuller shape. Unfortunately it usually has the opposite effect and makes us feel worse. Buying something shapeless can make you look bigger so be thoughtful when choosing the style. For some guidance on body shape and a downloadable pocket guide why not read more about body shapes and the correct style for each HERE.

    If you think buying something in a larger size (even if it flatters you) is going to have the opposite effect of boosting your mood, don’t even look at the tag, sizes are so different from one store to another, I often don’t even look at sizing when shopping for my clients I rather just go by instinct and eyeball the size. A size on a label does not matter. What matters is how you look and feel when you wear that item and often a size up is more flattering because of the drape of the fabric, shape of the item or even the print.

  4. Pamper yourself in a way that makes you happy. Whether it is soaking in a bubble bath with some WINE, booking a FACIAL, scheduling a meal delivery service so you don’t have to think about preparing food, setting a date to see a new movie that you have been waiting to watch or doing something creative like having a craft evening or going bowling, do something outside of the norm that will be distracting and fun.

  5. Do something for someone else. When we just focus on our own thoughts and feelings, sometimes they become magnified. Just being considerate of another person gives us something else to think about. If you have a friend who is going through a time tough, why not invite them around for a coffee and a chat. Or if your little one had a tough day at school, take some time out and do a fun activity with them.  If you have the time see if you can volunteer somewhere on the weekend. When we look outside ourselves often we find more fulfillment and purpose.

  6. Encourage yourself and boost your self esteem by focusing on your achievements and accomplishments. Whenever you are tempted to get stuck in the comparison trap and compare yourself or your size or shape to someone else – stop. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and this is so true. Choose instead to think good thoughts about yourself and dwell on feelings that make you feel good.  Why not put together a box of all the good things in your life, things that you are proud of or that instantly make you feel good some example of this could be certificates of achievements, love letters, wonderful testimonials, music playlist, pictures of people that love you, fragrance SOY CANDLE that reminds you of good times etc. whatever works for you.

  7. Treat your body with respect and love, eat food that makes you feel healthy, awake and energised, try new pre-packed ingredients and recipes from UCOOK or if you don’t have time to cook order in a week of prepacked meals from Woolworths.

  8. Get Active in a way that works for you and have some fun, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so recently I purchased a Rebounder (mini trampoline) and while I listen to my morning motivation I jump on the Rebounder, researchers have said that 10 minutes on a rebounder is the same as running for 40 minutes! The extra air in your lungs and movement is so good for the soul.


Our bodies work hard for us everyday lets give it some of the love it deserves.

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