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Today I am sharing a few tips that I teach my Image consulting clients about real beauty on their journey with me.  Your external appearance is only half of the journey but building your confidence is the ultimate secret to being 'beautiful'. 

The more clients I have the privilege to work with the more I realise that it does not matter whether you are young with subtle skin and a tight butt or at the beginning stages of grey hair and wrinkles, woman focus far more on their 'perceived' flaws than their true beauty. 

I admit, physical attractiveness can help you get a foot in the door but honestly, there is so much more involved in being 'beautiful'. 

Recently I was told to put my face on my Instagram feed so people could relate to the person posting, it was quite a challenge for me as I am always on the other side of the camera - behind the scenes, but how else would people start to get to know the real me if they could not relate to a face, so, how did I want people to relate to me?  

I started to search the woman I follow on Instagram and I realised it was the real woman that appealed to me that I wanted to see in my feed, the laughing, sassy, authentic woman, with their this is me characteristics that set them apart from the perfectly posed magazine looking posts where you could not tell one from another. 

Unlike the usual perception, a personal stylist is trained to look for the best parts of their clients and most of the time besides their physical attributes that they have clearly overlooked, their beauty is hidden in their confidence level.  What do I mean by this, well, have you ever sat at a cafe overlooking a sidewalk and taken a look around at the woman that are walking with confidence, their pace is comfortable, they may have a little smile on their face, flinch at nothing, look like they have it all together and look uber stylish in their jeans and sneakers.  These are the woman that have taken the time to not only embrace who they are externally but have learnt how to be beautiful from within. 



You have probably heard this before but can you just imagine how boring life would be if we all looked the same.  Recently I read about people tattooing freckles on their faces - did you know that years ago people were trying to get rid of freckles with bleaching cream! Today you might have a 'flaw' tomorrow it may be the latest trend so embrace what makes you special.   


Purchase pieces of clothing that speak to your soul, yes sometimes these may not be office appropriate but on the weekends when you are truly able to release the real you, express yourself. For the office, I tend to indulge in the quality luxury items like quality leather shoes that make me feel like a million dollars.


Nothing exudes beauty more than a calm collected, organised woman.  Running around all over the place in an absolute tizz, your lipstick smudged onto your cheek because you put it on in the car while you were driving, pieces of your hair falling out everywhere as you frantically search for the latest copy of the meeting minutes, you can't be feeling confident or beautiful.  If your wardrobe drives you up the wall and is one of the main culprits to you being late 'all the time', get a personal stylist to sort out your wardrobe and help you build a capsule wardrobe, I promise a personal stylist WILL save you time and money!

Getting enough sleep will not only help you feel mentally prepared but they weren't lying about the beauty sleep thing - you really do look more beautiful with a good nights rest. 


Take Taylor's advice and 'Shake it off' you can do this in front of others, in a dance class or with the bedroom door closed.  Besides reaching that inner child you are doing the world of good for your skin and body not to mention your soul. 


Your surroundings are a major reflection of what's going on inside.  So clear your mind, and your soul, by opening up space in your life and creating beauty around you. When last have you bought a fresh bunch of flowers for yourself?


feed your creative side, look back on what you used to love doing as a little girl and try it as an adult.  Did you not know Personal styling is an adult version of playing dress up :-) 


Make a list of how you want to feel and then go about listing next these feeling what would make you feel that way and work on doing those things. 


Hygiene can play a big part in your confidence and how you perceive yourself.  If you know you have a problem in a certain area, prepare yourself by keeping a solution in your car, office, and handbag or try a new remedy.  For example, if you have a perspiration problem, always carry items that absorb moisture such as cotton cloth, have your antiperspirant everywhere so if you forget to put it in your bag it will be at the office or in your car, and wear breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.
If the problem is serious and it's affecting how you live your life there are certain procedures that can be done to permanently fix these challenges that could be life changing.


Make a list of all the things that affect your confidence, then go about working on each one, one at a time.  Also, list the things you would do if you have confidence and paste that up somewhere you can see it daily.

We were moulded together one unique piece at a time and each of us a different talent, real beauty blossoms when we look past what holds us back externally and live through the beauty that we hide within.  

"Gracefulness is not imposed from without but rather generated from within." 
- Henri Bergson

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Thank you for visiting The Imagepreneur, my name is Darlene Bayley I am a qualified Personal stylist and Style Expert and I have been in the Fashion industry for over 23 years.