My Secret Stylist Personalised Service

Ever want your personal stylist on speed dial, well look no further.

Personal shopper stylist on call

My Secret Stylist

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and have the latest Seasonal trends (that match your body shape, skin tone, lifestyle and style personality) in your wardrobe.  You don't have to do any research tell anyone about your body shape, skin tone, lifestyle or style personality they just know, they even know whats in your wardrobe what you need to complete an outfit and have a list of events you will be attending so they can purchase that special outfit for you.   Well then, look no further because My Secret Stylist will do all of that and more..


  •  A stylist on speed dial, monthly or at the beginning of every season
  • A stylist who knows who you are, your body shape, skin tone, style personality and lifestyle and keeps your details strictly confidential
  • A personal shopper that knows the trends of the season and how to incorporate this into your individual wardrobe
  • A personal shopper that spends 24/7 in the stores or boutiques and has access to new items that would otherwise be unavailable or sold out 
  • A wardrobe consultant that will know which items you still require to make up outfits and also how to incorporate the new items into your wardrobe
  • A wardrobe consultant that will show you exactly how to wear the items together and prepare a capsule wardrobe booklet of the new items and how to wear them.
  • A stylist with a diary of your events that will have outfits bought or prepared for you.

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