My Style Intervention Full Makeover

'My Style Intervention' was carefully put together to cover every style requirement of the modern women, it is a journey of self discovery where we discover your style from within.  This is not just a Makeover but a style reinvention that will leave you feeling Elegant, Empowered and Confident.


This Package is Priced at R 8 650.00 the duration 3 days (split or in succession)  Below you will find a detailed description of each service in the package.

Personal stylist specialised program


The Style Program (60 min Day 1)

This program is far more than a fashion program it is a timeless style program that creates a custom, easy to use style program for you, based on your individual physical characteristics and age it is totally unique as it analyses your body as a whole before giving you any recommendations - this avoids conflicting results, which is common with other styling platforms and programs.  This program will give you a photo of each item your require in your wardrobe from Jackets to bags, scarves and a whole lot more.


  • Your Body Shape
  • Your Face Shape
  • Which Types of Collars and Necklines suit you best
  • What Length of Jackets and Skirts to wear
  • Your most flattering Swimwear and underwear
  • Which types of scarves to wear and how to wear them
  • What kind of Shoes will compliment you shape Best
  • The Style Personality that mostly resonates with you


  • A Program you can access from anywhere in the world on your Computer, laptop or any Mobile device.
Personal stylist colour analysis

The Colour Analysis (60 min Day 1)

The Imagepreneur uses a scientific method of discovering your natural colouring.  It is a detailed analysis that looks at the effect of colour on your undertone which is a true reflection of which colours work for you.  Colour is vital to making you look 10 years younger or if done incorrectly 10 years older...


  • Which of the 12 different colour groups you are in
  • Which textures, patterns and how much contrast you can wear
  • Your best Hair Colour
  • Which shades of Make-up and the colour of the jewelry you can wear
  • How to wear Black for your colour group
  • Your Face Shape to help you select hats, eye wear, hairstyles and earrings etc.


  • Colour Swatch Contains your 60 best colours, fits in your handbag!
  • A colour booklet with all the information you received in the consultation.
Personal stylist wardrobe consult

Wardrobe Sort (60 min Day 2)

Most woman only wear 20% of their wardrobe, and this is understandable if your wardrobe is over crowded with items of clothing you don't wear, have not worn in the last year, memory items or they just don't fit.


  • How to mix and Match existing items in your wardrobe
  • Why you will never wear certain items in your wardrobe even if they still have a tag on
  • How to use accessories to change the look of existing items
  • What to do with sentimental pieces that you will never wear but want to keep
  • How to determine when something is ready to be donated or thrown out
  • When to take an item to the tailor or just donate it
  • Which pieces you still require to maximise your existing wardrobe


  • A list of the basic clothing requirements for the type of Lifestyle you live
  • A shopping list with all the items that your wardrobe still requires
  •  A little something to keep you on track
Personal stylist makeup application tutorial

Makeup Tutorial (60 min Day 2)


  • Lifts your mood - If you start off on the wrong side of the bed putting some colour on your cheeks and lips can lift your spirits
  • Transform yourself - If you have a special occassion and want to look Dressed up 
  • Enhance your beauty - Just life clothing when we know what to do with what we have got we can enhance the good
  • Cover Up - can hine all kinds of sins, been working late and need to look fresh in the morning?
  • Double Duty - Most makeup these days actually have antiaging and sunblock in them
  • Personal Style - Its a great way to show off your personal style, just like your clothing.
  • Polished - It brings an outfit together


  • How to apply Make-up to stay on the whole day.
  • The Difference between Make Up at night and Make Up for the day
  • Which brushes are used to apply the different kinds of Make Up to get the desired effect
  • Your Face Shape and how to enhance your best facial features and hide others.
  • Which colours suit you best, foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.
  • We will advise you what you can use with-in your Make-up selection and even suggest what you can add.


  • A make-up guide with relevant information on how to apply your Make Up


Personal stylist personal shopping and styling

Shop (4 hours inclusive of 1 hour breakfast or lunch Day 3)

Begins with an interview to determine your needs, style personality, lifestyle and personal preferences with regards to branding, then we can go shopping together or the clothing can be delivered to you to try on in the comfort of your home.


  • After a Q and A session with you, a Personal shopper will know where to shop and when
  • You have no time and or hate shopping 
  • You are stuck in a rut and feel that your style has changed and don't know where to shop for the new you
  • Help you buy right the first time and save yourself loads of money
  • A friendly but objective opinion 
  • The shopping experience is less overwhelming and a lot more fun
  • Know how to find what you want.
  • Save you time shopping because you start with a plan
  • Sensitive to your situation


  • How to utilise clothing to re-invent yourself
  • Expand your wardrobe to work for you and not against you
  • To co-ordinate your clothes to maximise your wardrobe

Please take note that the fee charged for this package DOES NOT include the  Price of the Clothing and the Hair stylist.

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