Shop And Style

We will shop for you or shop with you and then show you how to put all the items together.


(This Package is Priced at R 2680.00) Below you will find a detailed description of the services).

Personal shopping and personal styling

Shop and Style This Package is Priced at R 2680.00 the duration 1 days 3 hours Shopping 1-hour styling.  Below you will find a description of the services.

Begins with an interview to determine your needs, style personality, lifestyle and personal preferences with regards to branding (if we are not shopping together I will come to your preferred venue), then we can go shopping together or the clothing will be delivered to you to try on in the comfort of your home.


  • After a Q and A session with you, a Personal shopper will know where to shop and when

  • You have no time and or hate shopping

  • You are stuck in a rut and feel that your style has changed and don't know where to shop for the new you

  • Help you buy right the first time and save yourself loads of money

  • A friendly but objective opinion

  • The shopping experience is less overwhelming and a lot more fun

  • Know how to find what you want.

  • Save you time shopping because you start with a plan

  • Sensitive to your situation


  • How to utilise clothing to re-invent yourself

  • Expand your wardrobe to work for you and not against you

  • To co-ordinate your clothes to maximise your wardrobe

If this sounds like you and the Shop and Style sounds like a dream then make it a reality and fill in the form below to book a time.