Social Media Profile Assist

Social media plays a big role in the world we know today, the image you share online is the story you tell the world and it only takes a few seconds for someone to form an opinion of you and your business.  This package will help you attract the kind of attention that grows and builds your business.


This Package is Priced at R 3 850.00 the duration 2 hours. Below you will find a detailed description of each service in the package.

Personal styling for your social media profiles

Social Media Profile Assist (30 min)

We will teach you about the social media platforms and what kind of interaction, image and photos are required for each one.  The colour analysis will determine which colours suit your skin tone so that we can dress you accordingly for the shoot, and finally we will determine your Style Personality so that you will feel comfortable in the place or platform we use to shoot the photos..  You can find detailed explanations of the Colour Analysis and the Photo shoot below.

personal stylist colour analysis

The Colour Analysis (60 min)

The Imagepreneur uses a scientific method of discovering your natural colouring.  It is a detailed analysis that looks at the effect of colour on your undertone which is a true reflection of which colours work for you.  Colour is vital to making you look 10 years younger or if done incorrectly 10 years older...


  • Which of the 12 different colour groups you are in
  • Which textures, patterns and how much contrast you can wear
  • Your best Hair Colour
  • Which shades of Make-up and the colour of the jewelry you can wear
  • How to wear Black for your colour group
  • Your Face Shape to help you select hats, eye wear, hairstyles and earrings etc.


  • Colour Swatch Contains your 60 best colours, fits in your handbag!
  • A colour booklet with all the information you received in the consultation.
styled photoshoot for your social media profiles

Photo shoot (30 min)

A photographer will take your new look photos and I will be there to help you every step of the way from the way you tilt your head to the clothing you wear and when to smile.  

Creating a good impression online can take your business to the next level, take a look at your images if they are not up to standard fill in the form below and make a booking, lets get your business profile telling the real story of who you are, as an expert in your field and a business executive.