Wardrobe Sort and Shop

Most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe, and this is understandable if you have no time to shop for yourself, you don't know where to shop, you shop without a plan and have no idea how to accessorize, then the Wardrobe Sort and Shop is for you.


This Package is Priced at R 2680.00 the duration 2 days (split)  Below you will find a detailed description of the services.

Personal stylist wardrobe sort and personal shopper

Wardrobe Sort and Shop (60 min Wardrobe Sort (Day 1),

3 hour Shop inclusive of 1 hour breakfast or lunch (Day 2)


  • How to mix and match existing items in your wardrobe
  • Why you will never wear certain items in your wardrobe even if they still have a tag on
  • How to use accessories to change the look of existing items
  • What to do with sentimental pieces that you will never wear but want to keep
  • How to determine when something is ready to be donated or thrown out
  • When to take an item to the tailor or just donate it
  • Which pieces you still require to maximise your existing wardrobe


  • A list of the basic clothing requirements for the type of lifestyle you live
  • A shopping list with all the items that your wardrobe still requires
  •  A little something to keep you on track

If this sounds like you and a Wardrobe Sort and Shop sounds like a dream then make it a reality and fill in the form below to book a time.