Why hire a personal stylist or image consultant

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A personal stylist provides insight on how clothing should be worn for each particular individual's unique measurements, how to wear an outfit and the accessories that will complement it, what outfit colour will suit the client and so much more. In general, a personal stylist will combine or translate the latest fashion trends to suit a client's personal taste. But that is just scratching the surface if you want to know more about what a stylist can advise you on you can read more about that HERE

If it sounds like a dream but you need a little bit more convincing I have made a list for you below. 

  • You will always look stylish and put together with a competitive edge over the rest.

  • A personal stylist will save you time and money because you will never purchase clothing that doesn't fit you properly, doesn't suit your skin tone or your style personality and Lifestyle.

  • If you are stuck in a rut a personal stylist will have an objective set of eyes and truthfully advise you on what suits you, does not suit you and why.

  • They will help you identify your style and create the image you want by filling in a detailed questionnaire finding out where you come from and where you'd like to go with your style.

  • You will fall in love with your wardrobe and always have something to wear because you will have a perfectly curated capsule wardrobe.

  • The clothes will be hand picked for you, fit perfectly, and suit your skin tone, style personality and lifestyle.

  • Packing to travel will never be a problem and it will always be taken care of.

  • You will always be in the loop of the latest trends and have those trends translated to suit your style.

  • Fashion emergency will never appear in your vocabulary again.

  • You will be the envy of all your friends.

  • As a bonus, a personal stylist is always in the stores and has access to the latest and greatest gifts and gadgets and therefore is a good person to go to when you need a special gift for someone.

If you have decided that a personal stylist is just what you need, then you will want to read the blog on 'Things to consider when hiring a personal Stylist' HERE

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